Do you want more traffic, leads and sales?


"I help personal brands

and businesses GROW

with marketing strategy

and curated content."

- Carla Cherry

Areas of Expertise:

  • Marketing strategy

  • Business growth 

  • Going virtual

  • Content creation

  • Copywriting

  • Sales funnels

  • Sales speeches

  • Evergreen Webinars

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Coaches, Consultants &
Service-based Providers...

Ready to attract a steady stream of clients without wasting time on social media?

In this workshop you'll learn:

- The 3 marketing mistakes that keep you small

- The 4 pillars of a client-attraction system that WORKS

- The #1 platform to attract clients right now

Who Is Carla?

Carla Cherry executive produced, Collector’s Cafe, hosted by

Larry King, featuring:

  • Tiffany Haddish

  • Dick Van Dyke

  • Betsey Johnson

  • Tom Green

  • Debbie Allen

  • Daymond John + more

Women of Versailles

marketing campaign

  • garnered Volkswagen brand partnership for Ovation TV


Pop culture, facebook video

  • went viral (2.2M views)

  • broke Ovation TV records

She created, Inside Versailles,

the 2017 after-show for Ovation TV’s

tent-pole show, Versailles 

  • hit 100K per episode

  • tripled on-line engagement

  • increased show sentiment

Inside Versailles After-Show
Producer + Director (Ovation TV )
Ready To Grow Your Brand + Get More Leads?
Additional Clients:
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What Clients Are Saying:

"I found Carla to be extremely creative, resourceful, professional and calm under pressure."


-David A. Widerøe

SVP Marketing and On-Air Promotions / Ovation TV

“Carla’s advice was so spot on that it makes me wish I would have worked with her sooner! She helped me drive more interest to my online course and revamp my consulting business to bring in higher quality leads. Any of Carla's services pay for themselves, I absolutely love working with her."


-Madeline Mann - YouTube Star, Creator of Self Made Millennial

"Carla Cherry has given me more valuable info than any marketing person I have spoken with in the last 24 years and I earned back the money that I invested and more. She told me exactly what to do. With her guidance my time was efficiently spent because of her direction."

-Norma T. Hollis -

In 2018 Carla launched Cosmic Goody Bag -

a podcast that explores the supernatural: authors, ufologists, mediums, sacred site experts and more.


The show got recently picked up by

DASH Radio (10 million listenership).


Starting in 2019, Cosmic Goody Bag became a weekly show on Dash Talk X radio!